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April 30, 2012


The regular season in the Association is over and first games of the playoffs were just played. The awards and the respective All-NBA teams are usually announced in the playoffs, so I wanted to start the process with introducing the world to the first ever…DRUM ROLL PLZ….THE ALL SHOCK TEAM. This was definitely the year […]


April 6, 2012


…My peoples come first… I was just chillin last night and listening to music, as usual, before heading to bed and this song by Dilated Peoples came on. I hadn’t heard this song in literally years and was immediately hooked ALL over again, similar to when I was in high school. The song has an amazing beat and […]


March 28, 2012


Last night, I came across an article in the LA Times about Donald Sterling, the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, supporting Head Coach Vinny Del Negro. Within the article, Sterling is quoted saying “I like him. I usually follow the advice of my people, and I think they care for him, like him and want […]


March 11, 2012


Watching Dwyane Wade  fly UP and DOWN the court right now LIVE is mind blowing. It reminds me of one of the most underrated sports commercials that I have found to be absolutely hilarious over the years. It is a Gatorade commercial and well i’ll just let you watch… However, I am not writing this post just because […]

when good isn’t good enough

March 10, 2012


As a student and a keen observer of basketball, I have had some burning questions and thoughts that I needed to ask. These questions/thoughts probably don’t even have any direct answers. I just feel they needed to be asked/shared to perhaps start an intelligent conversation and more than anything for me to clear my head […]


March 10, 2012


After watching Rajon Rondo’s incredible performance on Sunday against the New York Knicks with 18 points, 20 assists and 17 REBOUNDS. I had to put him in the conversation of being a #VideoGameAthlete. Throughout the year, I have been tweeting about LeBron James and Dwyane Wade being the ultimate #VideoGameAthlete combo on a team so […]

These Videos are just filled with Passion

February 1, 2012


These videos chronicle the whole game. You definitely want to watch all of them but towards the end it’s just pure pandemonium So here it goes: The intro of the game with commentary. You guys can skip this if you want. We see intros all the time. It only gets better as you go on in […]