These Videos are just filled with Passion

Posted on February 1, 2012


These videos chronicle the whole game. You definitely want to watch all of them but towards the end it’s just pure pandemonium

So here it goes:

The intro of the game with commentary. You guys can skip this if you want. We see intros all the time. It only gets better as you go on in this blog though :).

This is the half time Xfinity booth that was set up for the Star Wars promo. We had a lot of fun with it and even took pics with light sabers. Good times.

Udonis Haslem has the ball slip out of his hands, out of bounds, on a perfect lob from D-Wade. Missed opportunity.

Suspense is building in this video. Indiana makes both freethrows and Heat down three now.  Could the Heat lose at home after having the best home record all year?

THERE SHOULD BE A VIDEO IN THIS SLOT. However, my backup battery decided to fail and the switching of the phones just killed it. My ONLY disappointment of the day was being able to catch my favorite player in video for the GAME TYING THREE in regulation. 

This is the shot in Overtime that I was able to catch, after the LeBron disappointment. This is just us going nuts. The intern I was with his name is Ian and a great guy. We had a blast at the game. This shot just oozes of passion from myself, the players and the fans. It was an amazing moment to be a part of. Thank you XfinitySports for this experience.

Coach Spoelstra Post Game Sneak video :). The phone died immidiatley after and I was unable to really do any kind of my own post game wrap up video after I came out of the press room. I did not have the authority to ask Coach Spoel questions but I had some great ones in mind. They told me I couldn’t even take pictures or make a video but as a “Social Media Guru” I found a way.

Having very limited time after the game and the technological downfalls of phone service, dead batteries and no wireless. I still feel very comfortable with all of the information that I was able to get out to you guys.

Well…I guess this is IT. XfinitySports it has been an absolute pleasure serving you guys. I hope to do it regularly. I hope all of the content that I posted was relevant and interesting. I apologize for any mistakes that I made but I want to thank the judges and GMR for even GIVING me this opportunity. Until next time. Sunny Saini out. 🙂

mE – Sunny Saini

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