About Sandip “Sunny” Saini

After I graduated in 2007, with a BA from University of Washington in Law, Societies & Justice, I was offered a position as an Associate Investigator with United States Investigation Services (USIS). For a 22-year old, right out of college, it was a dream job with many perks, including a company car. But as the months progressed, I kept feeling empty. So I turned to my passion: Basketball; and started assisting as a basketball coach in the evenings at the local high school. It was during this period that I realized I could have a career in sports. So I quit my job, and decided to pursue my passion and applied to University of San Francisco’s (Bill Russell’s Alma-mater) Sport Management program.

During the Masters program, I had the privilege of working with and learning from great people. I worked as an Intern with the Los Angeles Clippers and coached varsity basketball at Providence High School. I also collaborated with some friends and we started a sports marketing company called Elite Level Marketing. My years at University of San Francisco taught me the business of sports, and use of social media in sport marketing. When time came to graduate, I didn’t have a single moment of hesitation. I was prepared to step in to the world of sports and become a professional.

I got us 🙂


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