Behind the Scenes Access

Posted on February 1, 2012


Center Court

For some reason, I look like I’m balding in the picture so not very flattering but the best I could do. It was just great to be able to come center court of the beautiful and extremely basketball friendly arena and get a picture taken.

On to business since I have very limited amount of time left.

One of the first things I noticed at the bottom and around the basketball hoops were the the Tsingtao Beer and Peak Shoes endorsements.  It just shows that American basketball is not only marketable in China, but that it potentially creates another lucrative revenue for the right NBA team or NBA player.

Case in point? New Miami Heat forward Shane Battier, has a shoe endorsement deal with the Chinese-based company Peak. Battier’s newest shoe is due out in Chinese stores in the very near future.

Leading in to some pre-game warmup with Dexter Pittman with commentary:

The Truck below is the command center for ALL of Miami Heat games and SUNSports. Ted Ballard is the man in charge inside. He is the lead producer of ALL content. I was unfortunately unable to take pictures inside as mentioned in my tweet and FB update so this was the best I could do.

After the truck, I was able to go behind the arena to where the guest and home players usually enter the arena from. You usually see players walking in from here on camera all suited and booted with headphones on.

This is Ian Lindsey. He was the intern in charge of being with me throughout the game and answering any questions I might have had.  He was a great guy and made the experience much more enjoyable by helping me with some camera work. The Xfinity booth video was one of the videos he recorded.

Sara Sciambi the corporate rep at the game did not want me to take a picture of her but she was incredibly nice and made sure that I had an amazing time. I really appreciated the hospitality and my going away present below.

Well that wraps up the behind the scenes access, I have more coming of the actual game. I was limited in some aspects because NBA and the Heat were very restrict on certain things but I made due with the best of it. Thank you all for following.

mE – Sunny Saini

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