Posted on April 6, 2012


…My peoples come first…

I was just chillin last night and listening to music, as usual, before heading to bed and this song by Dilated Peoples came on. I hadn’t heard this song in literally years and was immediately hooked ALL over again, similar to when I was in high school. The song has an amazing beat and the hook is one of the best. The rhymes are from the heart and the message is straight forward “worse comes to worst, my peoples come first.”

When I hear the words “worse comes to worst, my peoples come first,” I immediately  think about keeping my head up and knowing that even in my failures, my peoples will always be on my side. I am thankful that I have this type of a support system, that goes out of its way to help me and is honest enough to guide me.

So in lieu of this song, I decided to write a piece  on FIVE players that I felt had one of the harder years of their careers and needed to look at the bright side, as the song suggests. It’s a little a corny, I know, but these guys can use a little bit of positivity. We ALL CAN :).

Keep yo head up

John Wall: The number 1 pick is supposed to be a franchise savior, usually. I still believe that John Wall can develop in to a perennial All-Star. The Wizards have been the laughing stock of the NBA but they don’t even have the worst record, the Bobcats have those honors. It has  certainly been an extremely difficult year for him with the ALL the losing and being selected 12th overall for the Rookie/Sophomore  game. He was lost in the shuffle because of Ricky Rubio and Jeremy Lin. However, John Wall will end up being better than both. He needs to develop his jump shot and learn how to be a leader. His game is similar to Derrick Rose and Russel Westbrook so he needs to put in the time. He needs go in to the offseason and remember that no matter how bad it gets his TRUE support system will have his back.

Growing Pains

Kevin Love: A superstar that nobody wants to give credit to. Minnesota was genuinely a fun team to watch this year and was starting to come along very nicely but Ricky Rubio went down with a torn ACL. That put a damper on the season and you could also see the heart brake in K-Love’s eyes. His “true” coming out party could have been the playoffs this year. I’m sure that killed K-Love especially because he had just signed a long term extension to be THE GUY in Minnesota. Next year, Minnesota will be a problem with the development of Derrick Williams and a healthy Ricky.  However, this year K-Love even with his monstrous numbers will be watching the best-of-the-best play from home.

Better times ahead

Deron Williams: A couple of years ago, a strong case could have been made for DWill being the BEST PG in the L. Funny how quick people forget. Now the conversation always starts with Derrick Rose, Chris Paul, Russel Westbrook and Rajon Rondo. Somehow, Deron Williams has been forgotten with the Nets but that comes with the territory. DWill needs to go into the offseason and prioritize where he wants to play for the rest of his career, so he can once again be relevant in the PG conversations.

Character Builder

Josh Smith: Silently has put together the best year of his career and no one seems to be giving him the respect. It is also very hard to believe that he’s been the league for EIGHT years. He was VERY deserving of the playoff spot in the East this year but was passed up TWICE. The coaches didn’t choose him and then he wasn’t added on as a replacement either. Josh Smith is on the cusp of being a perennial All-Star and needs to stay motivated. He needs to go in the off season and develop that jumper some more along with his decision making but I have no doubts that he will be ready next year.


The last one is for ALL the 10 day contract players in the Association, living day to day: In particular, I want to dedicate this one to fellow University of Washington Husky, Justin Dentmon. I still remember the days when I used to hoop with and against him at the UW basketball facility called the IMA. We even played one on one at times. I always thought he would one day end up in the L and he’s right there. He was just recently picked up by the San Antonio Spurs but the contract wasn’t renewed. So JD know that you are getting close to your dream of sticking in the NBA long term. Just keep working on gaining strength and developing in to a point guard. I have no doubts that you will be a veteran in the league soon enough.

mE – Sunny Saini