Posted on March 11, 2012


Watching Dwyane Wade  fly UP and DOWN the court right now LIVE is mind blowing. It reminds me of one of the most underrated sports commercials that I have found to be absolutely hilarious over the years. It is a Gatorade commercial and well i’ll just let you watch…

However, I am not writing this post just because I am a fan of D-Wade or Gatorade. The reason I am particularly interested in this post is because of the new campaign that Gatorade has started which is called “Win from Within.” It is supposed to be a battle of nutrition against any equipment you use…as stated in the commercial:

“Your moisture-wicking fabric isn’t enough. Your zero-weight shoes aren’t enough. Your carbon-fiber racket isn’t enough. Nothing you put on is.”

From the sports business perspective, I feel that this campaign can lift Gatorade up to the Nike’s ageless “Just do it” level. What I mean by that is that it can become a LONG lasting slogan that both Gatorade and the consumers can identify with. Gatorade had been using “That’s G” for the G series which I always felt like was a failure and their other long standing slogan “Is it in you?” never really drove home the point, and seemed really similar to “Just do it.” So I am glad that Gatorade has come up with this NEW slogan that I see lasting for at least a decade, if not longer.  There is heightened awareness around nutrition nowadays and seeing something that can give you the edge without it negatively harming your body can be great. All of these athlete testimonials in the Gatorade commercials are TRUE events and makes it MUCH easier to relate.

And I’m putting this commercial in because of MJ

because he is the GREATEST and this game exemplifies the “WinfromWithin” SO perfectly. Even if you are not a sports fan or know who Michael Jordan is you can be motivated by this because it’s a true story. This is a timeless piece of work by MJ and Gatorade has finally done it justice.

Now back to the Miami Heat vs Indiana Pacers. I kind of got carried away by D-Wade taking a sip of Gatorade :).

mE – Sunny Saini

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